10 Life Changing Self-Care Products

If I believe in something, I’ll talk about it constantly and get everyone I know to try it. Thats why I started this blog- to tell everyone about things that made my life a little better! So, as my first official post here’s a list of awesome self-care products that are great if you’re ballin’ on a budget (most you can find at your local drug store). And regardless of price, I think they are the best in the game. (Most of these items are unisex, but if you’re a boy reading this thinking some of these items might not apply to you, remember they’re great gifts for the special lady in your life!)  I am not receiving any payment to promote these–I just feel like you need to be in on all this goodness!

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In no specific order, here are some things that you should introduce into your life in 2016! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


1. Nutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Use: Removing your face…

Comments: I’ve been using these things for the last 10 years because they do the job without any fuss. Buy a bunch and keep them in your house, your car, your gym bag… With 1 wipe I can take off ALL my stage make-up (mascara and all). They also help keep your skin soft and supple without any drying effects. I recommend using them alone or before your cleanser/ face wash. They come in several different types/scents dependent upon what you’re looking for with your skin type. I’ve tried a ton of versions from high-end Sephora brands to dollar store ones, and these are always the most in-expensive, the most durable, and most efficient.

Where to get them: You can find them at Target, Walmart, your local drug store, Costco, etc., or you can click the button below to buy online now!

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2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

Use: Moisturize those dry lippies of yours!

Comments: COCOA BUTTER! YUM! This is the only chapstick I will ever use– apply it once and it STAYS ON and moisturizes like no other. Dry skin in the cold winter months is no match for this– it smells great and you can use it on any dry skin, really. (I’d get one just for your lips though…) People often question why I just used a gluestick on my lips because of its larger size– its bigger than your average chapstick. One of these lasts me a LOOOONG time!

Where to get them: You can find this at Target, Walmart, your local drug store etc., or you can click the button below to buy online now!

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3. Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray Foam

Use: Get yo’ pretty hurr some volume!

Comments: Sometimes in life, you just need a little boost. This product was recommended by my hairstylist and my hair loves it! The volume and overall bounciness I get from this spray is great, and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or sticky. You just section your hair with a comb when its wet, and after shaking the bottle, spray a thin line on your roots. I want to try their texturizing spray next… I’ll let you know how it works!

Where to get it: Drugstore.com, CosmoProf or any professional salon store, or any online store!

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4. Ion Golden Wood Boar/ Porcupine Round Brush Large

Use: Add bounce and shine to your blowdry!

Comments: If you find that air drying your hair or just running a blowdryer over it can never get you the desired volume or bounce you want…. thats because you need this brush! The shape and two types of bristles help add volume and shine to your hair. Section your hair when its wet, and taking a small chunk at a time, tuck this baby under your root and add heat! If you need help, here’s a great video about using round brushes for all types of hair finishes at home: Watch Now!

Where to get it: Sally’s Beauty Supply

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5. Body Drench Quick Tan

Use: Beautifully bronze yo’ self… without looking orange.

Comments: Being from Chicago, where the winters are 900 years long, one has to get crafty with sunless tanning solutions. To preserve the integrity of my skin, I use this sunless tanner which is the BEST I’ve ever tried. It’s an airbrush technique because it sprays out evenly, so you don’t end up streaky or blotchy with oompa loompa hands.

Where to get it: Sally’s Beauty Supply or Amazon (less expensive).

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6. OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner


Use: Add thickness, shine and length to your locks while making your hair healthy.

Comments: I started using this because I wanted to rehab my damaged bleached hair with a helpful cleanser that had no sulfates or harsh chemicals. I tried this and immediately after 1 wash, my hair had incredible volume and I got hooked by the fantastic scent. I also had never experienced a shampoo that prolonged the amount of time between washes– my hair didn’t get greasy for days! Thats a miracle product if you ask me . It worked so well and smelled so good even my boyfriend started using it on his hair.

Where to get it: Target, your local drugstore, Walmart… anywhere they sell shampoo!

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7. Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette


Use: Eyeshadow!

Comments: Sometimes you want to have a little sparkle in your every day look, and this palette of metallics is just subtle enough to wear on a daily basis. The colors are timeless, and they glide on so smoothly. I got the kit that came with the eyeshadow primer which I found to be so helpful in keeping the colors in their place on your lid for hours on end!

Where to get it: Kohls, Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, Naimie’s.

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8. Philosophy Hope In A Jar


Use: Moisturizer for yo’ face and neck!

Comments: I realized young how important it is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to keep an even, youthful glow. I didn’t want to put just anything on my face so I spent a couple extra bucks and got the good stuff- Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar! This combined with a few drops of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil and my face looks dewy and healthy without any make-up! I apply this once in the morning after washing my face, and once at night before bed. In 3 days you will notice your skin is way more even toned, and it even helped lighten my dark eye circles. The only downside to this is that it stinks a little, and if you’ve really opened up your pores before applying it, it can sting a bit (it goes away though). Other than that, this moisturizer has kept my skin even and soft all year round and allowed me to look good with  a low-maintenance routine!

Where to get it: Sephora, Amazon, Philosophy.com.

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9.  Buxom Mascara


Use: Long full, lashes

Comments: On days when I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup to make me look like a human female… which is every day…. I apply my moisturizer and then doll up my lashes with Buxom! It gives your lashes a full, LONG, and voluminous look without clumping or sticking together. Using this is one of my favorite tricks to achieve a clean, feminine, every day look without having to pile on pounds of makeup.

Where to get it: Sephora, Amazon

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10. Cocoa Butter  Skin Therapy Oil with Vitamin E



Use: Hydrate your skin, reduce your stretchmarks, lighten your pigmentation.

Comments: There are a lot of different beauty oils out there that cost an arm and a leg… but this is different. This is from a well known reliable brand with proven results, and its AFFORDABLE! I like to think of this as crack for your skin. You can’t get enough once you try this and a little goes a long way for many different skin issues. The Vitamin E also helps boost and prolong your tan in the summer. After mixing it with my Philosophy moisturizer, I found that it added even more moisture, a glow to my skin, and smelled wonderful. Its also helped with some dark spots on my face.

Where to get this: Walmart, Target, local drug store

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