3 Simple Ways to Get Free Stuff and Easy Money!

I love a good bargain… but what I love even more is getting free stuff and easy money! Obviously material things aren’t the root of happiness but they sure do help you enjoy life a little more. Below are 3 easy ways to get yourself some free goods and some extra spending cash in your pocket! If you’ve tried any of these or have any additional easy ways, comment below and let me know!

1. Ebates

I am such a huge fan of Ebates cash back system. I was turned on to it by my blogger friend “Think Like A Boss Lady” Lisa Tufano (obsessed with her blog, check it out!). Some of you have heard of it but are confused by the concept: for those of us who shop online, (and if you don’t you should start!) Ebates is a rebate system for your purchases! For example: Say you want to buy a pair of Nikes that cost $100. At that particular time, Ebates is offering 12% Cash Back for any purchase you make. So, once you activate the Ebates Cash Back Button*, (or shop Nike from the Ebates Site) you will earn $12 in your Ebates account!  Hundreds of stores offer cash back with Ebates. The money you earn collects in your account. Ebates then pays you out quarterly with a check or Pay Pal. They do not require any credit card information or personal information, aside from your address or your Pay Pal email, to mail you your money! Ebates sometimes offers exclusive discounts along with the cash back! There are no strings attached –you buy online, you earn. Thats it. The more you shop, the more you earn. If you’re already shopping online, might as well make some money back with Ebates. Click the link below to sign up and start earning!

*Don’t forget to install the Ebates Extension on your browser that will pop up and notify you each time an online store you visit has cash back–you’d be surprised at the places you can get a rebate from! Musicians, even Tune Core has cash back through Ebates! Once you’ve installed the extension, even your Google Search Results will tell you what kind of cash back you can get from what you’ve just searched.


2. Influenster

Sometimes you just want to try a product at home to see if it works… without having to spend your money on it. I mean, what if you don’t like it, right?! Influenster is a great way to try products free, that you might never have thought of trying before! This is how it works: After signing up and connecting your social channels, Influenster will ask you a series of questions and quick surveys to see which products you would most benefit from trying and reviewing. They then send you an Influenster Vox Box which includes a variety or single product for you to test and review. Don’t worry, it’s not painstaking labor.  Sometimes they ask you to tweet about it or write a review on the product site- but thats easy in exchange for free stuff! No credit card or serious personal information needed. Sign up by clicking the badge below!

3. Inbox Dollars

I’ve recently started opening my junk mail… Why? Because with Inbox Dollars, I can get paid for it! With Inbox Dollars you can make easy cash by reading emails that you’d normally consider junk, taking quick surveys, and playing games. Some of the emails are offers for things that you might use, and there’s an added monetary incentive for signing up. Otherwise, you click the “Confirm Paid Email” button at the bottom of the email, and you earn $ for it! There’s even a $5 sign up bonus for joining Inbox Dollars. Once you accumulate $30 bucks, they cash you out by sending you a check. Thats it! Easy peasy. Join now by clicking the button below and start earning extra casharoo!



Let me know what you’ve tried and how it works for you! Comment below with your thoughts.

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